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How Can I Make My Home “Green?”

When people ask Trudy how to make their homes a true sanctuary, she tells them that air quality is the key. A leader and visionary in the Sustainable Design industry, Trudy has spent years researching the best choices in paints, floor finishes, and fabrics that are not only luxurious, but that also support your health.

New furniture, carpeting, or chemical-laden materials used in a renovation or design project can be the source of indoor air pollution, and the cause of allergies and asthma. For that reason, Trudy encourages the use of No-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints and finishes, free of harmful solvents that off-gas toxic vapors long past the time that that “just painted” smell has faded.

Building materials, upholstered furniture, cabinetry and even products such as caulking have the potential to add to a home’s indoor air quality, or detract from it. Trudy helps her Gently Green™ Consulting clients work through the maze of decisions to arrive at the best choices for themselves and their families.

“I’ve designed many beautiful homes over the years that are filled with abundant comfort,” says Trudy. “With time, I have become more passionate about creating spaces that also support our health and wellbeing, and that respect the fragile ecosystem around us. My dream is for all of us to live lightly on the earth, surrounded by beauty and comfort, both inside and out.”

Photo Left: Terry Pommett; Right: Michael Partenio

Ways to Create an Eco-Elegant™ Home

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  • • Start making your home an oasis of health and happiness
  • • Let go of things that keep you from loving where you live.
  • • Make your home a true sanctuary for your family.


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