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Our Firm

Dujardin Design Associates, Inc (DDA) creates distinctive interiors for some of the world’s most discerning clientele. From the traditional to the more contemporary, from casual beach houses to chic city apartments, the firm’s clean, refined aesthetic marries the finest furnishings, original art and antiques, sustainable materials and natural finishes, with timeless style.

At home anywhere in the world, from St. Andrews, Scotland, to New York City, throughout New England or on Trudy Dujardin’s beloved Nantucket Island, the award-winning design firm selects a color palette, lighting, architectural details and furnishings that showcase the unique personalities of the homeowners, and reflects a sense of place. Although every home is unique, DDA’s signature style infuses elements of serenity and a feeling of sanctuary into strikingly different interiors.

Clients often say that working with Dujardin makes the design process fun again. The details and schedules, plans and coordination, with architects, contractors, craftsmen and landscapers are handled seamlessly, resulting in elegant and sophisticated interiors that immediately feel like home. The firm will incorporate varying degrees of sustainability or design a completely holistic “deep green” residence, always honoring classic tradition while achieving 21st century style.

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