Sustainable Luxury

Sustainable Luxury

While some may think a choice must be made between “elegant” and “eco-sensitivity,” Dujardin Design Associates (DDA) embodies the belief that a healthy home is the ultimate luxury.  Within the firm’s circle of prominent clients, many lovingly refer to the Dujardin Design style as eco-elegance.

The talented design team searches out eco-friendly fabrics, sustainable woods, handmade wall coverings and contemporary furniture, then combines them with rare antiques and healthy building materials to create sophisticated, elegant interiors. The finished projects are classic, timeless, beautiful, environmentally-sensitive and designed to elevate not only your residence, but also your quality of life.

Ways to Create an Eco-Elegant™ Home

  • • Get Trudy’s most important tips for a beautiful, healthy home
  • • Find out why walking in the door should make you feel calm and centered
  • • Start making your home an oasis of health and happiness
  • • Let go of things that keep you from loving where you live.
  • • Make your home a true sanctuary for your family.


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