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Introducing Dujardin Design Green Consulting Services:
Interior Design for 21st Century Living

Luxury Living is A Healthy Home with Stunning Interiors

Dujardin Design Green Consulting Services can handle projects of any size–from small and as simple as organic fabrics for your throw pillows, to a large and luxurious home and office design.

You have control over the environmental challenges to your life and health. Vibrant health begins at home!

Trudy Dujardin has the knowledge and expertise to make your environments healthy, stylish, and comfortable, by guiding you in the selection of environmentally-friendly fabrics, upholstered furniture, paints, finishes, wall coverings and anything else your unique lifestyle requires.

Trudy, the creator of the term, “eco-elegance”, has invested years in creating sustainable interiors that are as beautiful as they are healthy, with careful attention to every detail. Clients are consistently expressing gratitude to Trudy for improving and inspiring their lives.

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Westport CT: 203-838-8100 • Nantucket, MA: 508-228-1120
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Ways to Create an Eco-Elegant™ Home

  • • Get Trudy’s most important tips for a beautiful, healthy home
  • • Find out why walking in the door should make you feel calm and centered
  • • Start making your home an oasis of health and happiness
  • • Let go of things that keep you from loving where you live.
  • • Make your home a true sanctuary for your family.


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