Natural Beauty

Whether your home is in the city or seaside, you can awaken to the beauty of nature each day

The most beautiful homes celebrate the natural world and engage all of our senses. Trudy’s Gently Green™ interiors blend the most sophisticated, elegant design with healthy products and materials. Nature and the world outside our doors are a constant source of inspiration.

For 99% of human history, we have been actively engaged in nature every day. It is only in recent years that we have moved to urban or semi-urban settings, where we spend 80-90% of our time indoors. Today, we are almost always in what Trudy refers to as “containers,” closed environments such as our homes, offices, and cars.

Our physical surroundings have a significant impact on our behaviors, decisions, and overall health and wellness. We may no longer live and work in agrarian societies, but a connection with nature is vital to our health. Designing with nature helps to bring us clarity in mind and body.

“I am drawn to elegant and natural compositions, so often found in nature,” says Trudy. “The Golden Ratio of the Chambered Nautilus shell, my firm’s logo, perfectly represents my approach to design, where proportion and balance are keys to beautiful interiors. You can see the Golden Ratio in the bracts of a pinecone, the heart of a sunflower, and the scales of a pineapple, as well as in a grain of wheat or a hive of bees.”

Photo Left: Michael Partenio; Right: Mark Borderud

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