Custom Plans

The Gently Green™ Lifestyle Plan is Customized to Suit Your Life

  • Light Green: Using only No-VOC paints and finishes, and maintaining a chemical-free environment, indoors and out. The home, lawn, and garden are free from pesticides and insecticides.
  • Medium Green: Incorporates additional components, such as solid wood cabinetry and alternatives to fiberglass insulation.
  • Deep Green: All selections are natural and as close to toxin-free as possible. This is the home for people who want to access more of the available technologies for sustainable living. Ease your environmental footprint and have a minimal impact on the planet.

Whether you choose Light, Medium, or Deep green consulting services, Trudy will customize a plan to fit your unique lifestyle. Though the details are different for each client, some things remain the same. We all want a home that surrounds us with beauty, where the colors and textures support us in health and happiness, where we have space for special celebrations and daily rituals, and where we find sanctuary every evening.

Trudy will walk you through each choice and share the reasons behind the changes you make. A signature of her green consulting work is a new feeling of serenity throughout your home. By selecting the healthiest products and furnishings, the air in your home can feel like a fresh breeze, elevating your spirit and your life.

Photo: Durston Saylor

Ways to Create an Eco-Elegant™ Home

  • • Get Trudy’s most important tips for a beautiful, healthy home
  • • Find out why walking in the door should make you feel calm and centered
  • • Start making your home an oasis of health and happiness
  • • Let go of things that keep you from loving where you live.
  • • Make your home a true sanctuary for your family.


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