Cold Comfort


When the frost on the pumpkin has long since turned to ice, it’s time to consider turning up the heat at home. It’s not always wise–economically or environmentally–to crank up the thermostat, so here are ten heart and hearth warming ways to make winter your favorite season:

Bring Some Springtime Inside

 Flowers will always give a room a graceful breath of fresh air, either when they’re cut and delivered from the greenhouse…

white flowers

…or when you choose floral print fabrics to brighten up a drab winter vista.

Drapery Consultants

Dress Your Table in Crystal, Silver and Candlelight 

winter votives

Low candles work best for sociable dinners, so a cluster of crystal votive candles are perfect for adding light but allowing eyes to meet across the table. The sparkle of crystal combined with firelight is irresistible at a winter dinner.


Crystal votives etched with compass rose available at Dujardin Home. 


antique 3

Let the Winter Sunshine In

The light slanting in through the window on a quiet winter afternoon can be beautiful.

photos 88 old saugatuck 001 (2)

And when you take a moment to look out your window, you never know who may be looking back at you.

winter cardinal

Pick a Favorite Place for a Cup of Tea

 Your bedroom is the perfect spot to greet a cold morning with a pot of tea or a cup of coffee. The day gets off to a brilliant start when you share it with someone you love.

master bedroom

Embrace Winter White

 It’s always refreshing to start your day with a brisk walk outdoors, especially when you can head down to the snowy beach.

cold sunset

Then head for home and continue the soothing color theme indoors. A white sofa, white flowers and a dash of blue in accents such as throw pillows will remind you of the gentle drifts of snow and the white capped waves.

blue and white monomoy

Be a Bookworm:

Most of us have a pile of books we’ve been meaning to get to, or magazines, or perhaps you’ve set aside needlework for a rainy day. When the thermometer registers “I don’t want to go outside in this weather!” it’s time to curl up with the things you’ve been promising yourself to do.


Light a Fire

There’s nothing like a crackling fire to make you glad you live in a cold climate, or at least appreciate the smell of burning wood.

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Wrap Up

Warm throws were made for wintertime. Of course they add a soft visual touch to the foot of a bed or the side of the sofa, but it only takes a little draft to make you reach for the woolen comfort folded at arm’s length. My favorites are the baby alpaca throws we carry in my shop at Dujardin Home; I chose them because baby alpaca is the warmest fiber on earth.

ThrowBeauty41531 copy

Try a Spoonful of Sugar

It’s just the medicine to help you endure the cold. Save the calories, though, and set time aside to browse through your treasured collections, ideally things that connect you to your heritage, the land around you, or some special part of your personality. 

antiques whaling log

If you have a passion like I do, for antique sailor whirligigs or the history of whaling, the long hours spent indoors this winter gives you the opportunity to appreciate your keepsakes all over again.
winter new york city

Then bundle up and head out for a day trip and go antiquing with your friends, stopping at a quaint cafe for a bowl of hot soup and homemade bread. (See Please Join Me for a look at New York’s Winter Antiques Show!)

End your day with a cup of hot cocoa

 There’s no better time to indulge.

Gourmet Hot Chocolate Milk






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