In the Spirit of the Season: Gift Giving

There is such joy in giving generously to family and friends!  My Seven Simple Steps for a Sustainable Holiday, below, can help to make your holiday both happy and environmentally friendly.  I also share a link to the National Resource Defense Council for their 50 Great Gift Ideas, all focused on saving the environment.  Perhaps one or more of these ideas will be just right for you and your family.

  1. Put your money to work helping others and the planet with a “life-changing gift”, such as Heifer International, or ChildFund International.
  2. Be socially conscious with gifts that promote fair trade.
  3. Use energy efficient LED holiday lights to add sparkle. (Install a timer!)
  4. Give locally made products, help reduce the impact of transportation.
  5.  Purchase greeting cards printed on recycled materials with vegetable
    based non-toxic inks, or send email greetings.
  6. Give gifts such as gift certificates or theater tickets – they don’t require a
    lot of gift wrapping.  Avoid wrapping with glossy or metallic paper.  Colorful fabric or reusable gift bags are an environmentally friendly alternative.
  7. Choose toys that do not require batteries. Instead choose gifts that stimulate a child’s imagination without impacting the environment. For more on sustainable ideas for your home, visit our newly redesigned website at

More than 50 extraordinary holiday gift ideas from the National Resource Defense Council!
More than 50 great gift ideas from NRDC all aimed at saving the environment. From defending polar bears to protecting clean water … from reviving rainforests to promoting renewable energy … you will find the perfect gift for a friend or loved one who cares deeply about our planet’s future.  Follow this link to learn more!

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