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At last count, there were 120 non-profit organizations on Nantucket Island. That says a lot about the kind of people who love this island and call it their home. I’ve written before about some of the good work being done by Nantucket-based organizations and their efforts to preserve the beauty and richness of this little spit of land out in the sea.

One of my favorites is the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. Founded almost 50 years ago, the Foundation now manages 9,000 acres of property here. Its mission is to permanently conserve, maintain and manage natural areas and habitats and encourage an appreciation of the island’s natural resources.



Its doing a wonderful job. Four full-time scientists work with the Foundation to explore the future of fragile resources, and identify new ways to protect and preserve them. They are the caring stewards of our land, our beaches, our dunes and our uncommon heathlands. They protect wildflowers you might not have seen anywhere else, such as the New England blazing star, and the Eastern silvery aster.

They look out for ground-nesting birds, such as the rare northern harrier and migrating shorebirds that include the endangered piping plover. And not least to them, the least tern.

The walking trails, open roads and pastures we all take for granted are more than likely under the Foundation’s care as the island’s largest landholder. Its scientific research extends to the sheep grazing program you can witness for yourself at the Squam Farm property off of Quidnet Road.

I invite you to visit the Foundation at to see how you might help them in its efforts to preserve the island for everyone.

Don’t Miss Two New Films that Celebrate the Natural Beauty of the Island!

“Nantucket by Nature” is a singular celebration of the Island’s natural graces, and is an official selection of the Nantucket Film Festival. Featuring never-before-seen images of grace and beauty, it provides an extraordinary four season glimpse of the splendors of the Island. Supported by a stirring and poignant score recorded by local musicians, “Nantucket By Nature” is a remarkable chronicle of the Island in all its natural, jaw-dropping glory.

Watch a trailer of this extraordinary film at, or learn more at

You can purchase the DVD at Nantucket Bookworks Book Store for $24.95. Visit them at

Another new film made exclusively for the Nantucket Historical Association by Emmy award-winning Ric Burns is simply called Nantucket. This original short film showcases the island’s natural beauty and its significant role in history. Commentary is provided by historians, islanders and writers, including New York Times best-selling author Nathaniel Philbrick, and long-time residents who share their personal stories and unique insights.

The film is being shown daily at the Whaling Museum, and can be purchased as a DVD at the Museum Shop or online for $19.95. Visit the NHA at

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