Pretty Porches

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Grass is growing, flowers are blooming, and our spirits are lighter, along with daylight lasting longer into the evening.   The living areas in our homes expand with patios, decks and porches back in use. The foyer as a transitional space has given way to the garden gate, with paths and borders providing a tantalizing hint into the nature of your home.

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Container plants at the door and gate add a lush note. Think of your pots as living architecture. Here the terra-cotta containers are a complement to the brickwork.  Blend height with interesting textures and leaf shapes. Although flowers are always beautiful, you can create an arresting focal point with grasses and greenery.

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Sometimes less is more, and sometimes, more is more! This cottage garden is overflowing with color and blossoms, and the gravel path is an old fashioned way to lead guests to your door.


Comfort and color go hand in hand when you add brightly colored cushions and throw pillows. Cobalt blue glassware is a lovely accent.

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Don’t skimp on outdoor furniture. It should be as sturdy and comfortable as any other piece in your home.  A covered porch adds protection from the elements.


A whimsical sign with the name of your summer home is always a fun touch.

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Candles make the porch twice as inviting when evening falls. There’s no better place to enjoy a glass of wine with your partner or friends as you watch the stars come out.  These are the months we waited for all winter. Take the time to enjoy them!



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