Celebrating the Twinkling Season


I love the holidays, and one of my favorite tasks of the year is creating festive interiors for my clients.  This is truly the twinkling season, and time for making magic in every room of the house.  In this home, featured in this month’s ONLY Nantucket Magazine, we used fresh greens for garlands and wreaths, dressed seven full-sized, themed trees matched to each room’s decor, and embellished with mistletoe and holly, little white lights and gauzy bows!

Come along with me and take a look at the little details that add up to a lot of holiday cheer.  I hope you’ll be inspired to create your own unforgettable winter charm!

A grand display of red roses in a clear crystal box is always eye-catching and elegant, especially when combined with candlelight.

Formal columns have become whimsical candy canes, white hydrangeas grace the cocktail table from John Boone, boxwood tucked into antique garden urns make a festive hearth.

A Christmas tree bedecked in gold and silver gleams in the corner of the music room.  Wreaths tied with gauzy pale green ribbon adorn each and every window, and exotic white and green fringed Parrot Tulips, unusual for Christmas, strike just the right note in the elegant gathering space.  The Rose Tarlowe ottoman is perfectly placed for guests to sit and enjoy a sing-along, underneath a chandelier graced with evergreens.

A rock crystal chandelier sparkles above a table with the spirit of the homeowners’ beloved Nantucket:  white hydrangeas and red winter branches are a celebration of the island’s simple beauty.  The mantle is gloriously layered with evergreens, ribbons and stars; a stocking hangs by the hearth, waiting for St. Nicholas.

The kitchen has another candy cane column for a punch of gaiety; glass hurricanes on the counter are filled with little crab and lady apples.  A five-tiered gift box cake is waiting for guests to arrive:  there’s a party planned this evening!

The stairwell leading to the master bedroom suite is a feast for the senses:  fragrant cedar, spruce and boxwood swags are wrapped in ribbons; a single silver ball dangles from the sumptuous crystal chandelier custom-designed by Dujardin Design Associates.

A delicious tray of holiday confections add the sweetness of sugar and spice to the homeowners’ celebration: this couple blends their backgrounds and heritage in style, embracing both Christmas and Hannukah.

Whatever holiday you embrace, make it your own season of abundance and grace!  And remember to make it merry.  If you’re on Nantucket, look for the December issue of ONLY Nantucket for more of this holiday home!


Christmas Cheer & Hannukah Happiness


No matter what holiday you celebrate when the snow falls in December, it’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with candlelight, ribbons and bows, elegant table settings, and holiday meals that bring loved ones together.

One of my greatest joys as an interior designer is decorating the house for the holidays, whether it’s my own, or a labor of love for a client.  I love green swags draped from chandeliers and on mantles, vintage silver on red linen tablecloths, and twinkling lights sprinkled not only on the Christmas tree, but all around the house.

Decorating for Hannukah also gives me a thrill, as blue and white are favorite colors, and are stunningly beautiful in cold and snowy December.  Silver stars and deep blue table linens set off crystal goblets to perfection.  Flickering candles from a treasured family menorah add a warm glow; it’s always a delight to see the tiny flames reflected in the eyes of eager children.  Sugar cookies iced in blue and white are a sweet treat at the end of the meal.

 Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa or the beauty of the winter season, here a few tips to make your holidays merry and bright:

  • This is the season of enchantment:  it’s a visual celebration, but don’t forget the importance of sound (background music and the jingle of bells), fragrance (fir trees and the aroma of warm apple cider), taste (the first delectable sip of eggnog, and a golden roasted turkey.)  Engage every one of the senses to create a truly memorable occasion.
  • This is the season of abundance:  Don’t be afraid to overdo it!  Heap the mantles with greens, bring out your fine china and heirloom silver, light all the candles then add a few more, and drape the Christmas tree in lights, ornaments, strings of pearls or crystal, and hundreds of little white lights!
  • This is the season of open hearts and open hands:  Gather the people you love close to you.  Invite the neighbors for an open house, throw a dinner party, deliver cookies to all your friends.  When giving gifts, plan carefully to surprise loved ones with the just right present.  And don’t forget those less fortunate:  the Jewish tradition of mitzvah, performing an act of human kindness, is always appropriate, but never more so than during the holiday season.
  • This is the season of joy:  Instead of feeling frazzled by the season, take whatever time you need to sit by the fire and rest.  There is no charm in exhaustion, no cheer in feeling stressed.  Take good care of yourself and your family in what can be a hectic season, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to rejoin the party!


“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!”  ~Hamilton Wright Mabie