The Power of Social Networks



I’m finding that there are so many upsides to our engagement with each other via the internet.  My website, blog, and Facebook page do take time to create and update, it’s true, but it is unprecedented in the history of the world to have platforms like these, where we can to share our most heartfelt passions, and our inspirations for beauty and health in life.   One of my favorite bloggers and someone I turn to in my personal life for healthful guidance and advice is Mark Hyman, MD.  Dr. Hyman has created a groundbreaking medical approach called Functional Medicine.  A physician in private practice, he is also a bestselling author and a fervent proponent of helping people worldwide achieve their best lives through good health.   Two of his recent blogs covered a fascinating topic:  Can Social Networks Cure Disease?  I encourage you to take the time to read them:  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Can Social Networks Cure Disease Part One
Can Social Networks Cure Disease Part Two

Edward O. Wilson Has a New Book!


One of my favorite authors and environmental advocates is Edward O. Wilson, an American biologist, conservationist and Pulitzer Prize winning writer.  In a previous blog post I highlighted his novel, Ant Hill; on April 2nd, he released his latest book, The Social Conquest of Earth.   Here he addresses the three fundamental questions of religion, philosophy and science:  Where did we come from?  What are we?  And where are we going?  Refashioning the story of human evolution, Wilson offers us his carefully thought out explanation as to the origin of the human condition and why it resulted in our domination of Earth’s biosphere.

Dr. Hyman describes Wilson’s latest book this way:  “E.O. Wilson in his new book, The Social Conquest of Earth, says that it is our drive to join a group that makes us human.  It is the longing to belong – and the power of peer pressure can be force for both good and evil – It can drive war and violence, but it can also be a force for healing.”

I’m reading it.  I hope you’ll read it, too!