Anchoring the Present to the Past

The Spring issue of Nantucket Today features an article I wrote on restoring the Captain Parker house on Flora Street in Nantucket.  Historical preservation and reverence for the past is key to the work I do when working with older buildings.  My clients know that  I believe that a healthy home is the ultimate luxury,  and I work tirelessly to make each family home a refuge from toxins and contaminants.  The installation of air filtration systems, painting with low or no VOC paints and finishes and restoring woodwork with sustainable choices are all an integral part of my work, but it’s also important to honor the history of the house and the families who first called it home. How do you blend a reverence for history with an appreciation for the health-giving properties of 21st Century building materials?

A credentialed, award-winning interior designer is the best choice for delicate historical preservation work.  I hope you’ll pick up a copy of the Spring issue of Nantucket Today and enjoy the story of how I restored the Captain Parker House and brought it back to vibrant life.  More homes on Nantucket should be protected and preserved; we owe it to the island to honor the work of the families who came before us, braving the ocean winds and waves to make a life on this fragile and beautiful outpost in the Atlantic.

Read the article at Nantucket Today online.